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Parent-child relationships & Materialism: Arts Expressed

Parent-child relationships & Materialism

Cloud Dreamer

Your spirit can spread its wings

To soar in the twinkling of an eye

Up into the dazzling snowy cliffs and valleys

Of a sunny autumn sky,

And dance on the dark blue-grey banks

Of a fiery golden lake

In which the evening sun sinks

With silent magnificence.

You can hear the song

That the wind sings

As it flies across the fields.

Be humble

For you are fortunate.

Lying voices may whisper

That your precious treasure is worthless.

Do not believe them,

They have spent too long scrabbling in the mud,

They have forgotten how to dance with the angels.

All the world's wealth

Could not match what you've received.

For who can imprison the dreamer?

And who can rob him of his dreams?

Believe me, my friend, when I say

That `idle dreams' and `foolish madness'

Are the only hope of sanity

That this world has.


Music that takes you round corners,

Like healing tears that wash your soul clean,

Like rose petals falling softly on the surface of a pool,

Like a sunrise spilling over a mountain range

In a glorious burst of morning majesty,

As the heart of a glacier cracks

Over the sheer beauty of spring,

Like the tender touch of God

In our confused and broken lives,

The music plays on

Taking us round corners.

A Blink of Heaven

It was only for a moment,

As we brought in the last bags from the car.

We looked up and saw a rent

In the sad rainy cloth of the evening sky,

As if two great hands had torn it apart,

And through that hole

We saw a soft shining blue sky

And a single cloud

Of purest gold.

Poems by Edith Craig, Scotland

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