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About Global Express

Global Express is a non-profit supplement to mass media and student publications. It is produced voluntarily for youth, by youth. The current 20-page publication is produced in Oxford, UK. Content is international, with circulation to regional contacts in over 15 countries. GE is funded by donations and subscriptions.

Contact information:
Editor:Laura Trevelyan
Postal address: 73 Victoria Road
Oxford OX2 7QG
United Kingdom

Why Global Express?

Global Express (GE) was started to link up young people who care about the future. Dissatisfied with what we were being offered by the media, we felt an alternative was needed.

Our aim is to inspire and encourage people to fulfil their potential. In GE you can question the way things are, and search for solutions. It is also a great opportunity to make contacts outside your 'comfort zone'.

Most of the GE team met through IC(Initiatives of Change), which is a world-wide network of people working for personal responsibility and conflict resolution. Ideals of honesty, integrity, unselfishness and love, together with a search for inspiration from a higher source are central to this way of life. IC is a Non Government Organisation recognised by the United Nations.


  • be an independent, culturally inclusive media service for 17-30 year olds
  • understand and respond to a rapidly changing world
  • connect personal and global issues
  • encourage personal integrity and responsible attitudes
  • be a medium to explore hopes and dreams
  • encourage active response to creative inspiration

believing that:

  • you matter
  • you can make a difference
  • goodness has an image problem and spirituality is marginalised
  • we are a global generation and have a lot to learn from each other
  • peace and unity are possible if we confront the root causes of division and injustice in our own lives and communities
  • time for reflection is essential to find direction

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